ALTERED FX is a fully remote virtual production studio. If you’re passionate about storytelling, animation, visual effects, and CG we want to hear from you! Our team is comprised of talent from all over the globe and from different walks of life. We are seeking individuals that want to produce great work on exciting projects, collaborate with extremely talented people, and do it from anywhere in the world. Below are some key positions we are currently hiring for.


Junior through Lead level Maya animators. Strong physics, timing, action, and acting. Must be self-motivated. Ability to work quickly and efficiently based on direction. Keyframe focused, with the ability to work with motion capture data if needed. Click Here To Apply For Animator Positions


Junior through Lead level Maya Previs Artists. Our previs is camera, animation, and story-focused. Detailed lighting, fx, and compositing are not needed. Must be driven and self-motivated. Strong interest in action sequences and dramatic storytelling. Click Here To Apply For Previs Positions


Self-motivated and talented individuals who are interested in crafting dramatic shots and telling a story. Maya | Redshift | Nuke pipeline. Should have knowledge of lighting in Maya and compositing in Nuke. Must be able to work independently and self-troubleshoot. Click Here To Apply For Lighting | Compositing Positions


Maya Rigging TDs needed. Strong focus on animation-friendly characters, creatures, robots, and facial rigs. Must be able to self-troubleshoot and work efficiently. Cartoony through realistic characters. Must have an advanced understanding of Maya animation software. Click Here To Apply For Rigging Positions


Junior though Lead level generalists who are interested in creating, building, and CG finalizing shots. Lighting, rendering, modeling, texturing, compositing (or any combination). Maya | Redshift | Houdini | Nuke pipeline. Motivated artists who can build things and take amazing animation scenes and bring them to life. Click Here To Apply For CG Generalist Positions


Junior though Lead level Character FXs TDs interested in bringing pre-rendered characters to life. Hair Grooming, Hair Simulation, Cloth Simulation, and other character-related FXs. Motivated Maya, Yeti, Houdini users. Click Here To Apply For Character FX TD

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