Activision | Call of Duty Mobile | Snoop Dogg

Altered FX wrote, designed, and directed this announcement trailer for Activision, Call of Duty Mobile, and Snoop Dogg. The goal was to reintroduce Snoop Dogg back to the Call of Duty world with style and swagger.

For the intense 1-month production, Altered raced against time to create the trailer for the world-wide announcement in collaboration with mainline Call of Duty and Warzone proper. Altered brought a Hollywood look and feel to the visuals while maintaining the integrity of the game world.

“One of the trickiest challenges was the careful integrating Snoop into the animated world in an appealing way. It all had to be done very carefully. The last thing we wanted was for Snoop to look awkward or cheap” says Adam Coggin, Co-Founder and Creative Director at Altered.

The results earned Altered two Silver Clio’s. The trailer to date has earned more then 2 million combined views and been featured on every major video game and hip-hop website worldwide.

And remember, the Dogg Father always wins.

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