Kevin Durant | Activision | Warzone Mobile

Altered FX wrote, designed, and directed this announcement trailer for Activision, Call of Duty Mobile, and Kevin Durant. Our mission: To introduce Kevin Durant to the Call of Duty world with style and swagger that only KD5 has. For the intense 5 week production, Altered rushed to produce a concept that would coincide with mainline Call of Duty and Warzone proper. Altered brought a dramatic neo-gothic look and feel to the visuals while injecting some subtle anime-style flavor to the action. All of this was done carefully to maintain the integrity of the mobile game world.

When it came time to animate Kevin Durant, Altered opted for hand key-frame animation for the trailer to capture the essence of the game and infuse an lo-key anime quality to the piece. “Capturing Kevin Durant’s authentic look and movement was important. However, we also wanted to infuse a unique style to the way he moves to have some fun. One of the exciting aspects of the Call of Duty Mobile world is that we are not confined to hyper-realism. We thrive on creating and animating stylized realism in our CG and animation work. That’s kind of our thing,” explains David Weinstein, Altered’s Co-Founder and Creative Director.

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